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Deep Dive into Java and Python

What is Java? A multi-platform and object oriented programming language. It is the most used programming language. Sun Microsoft released it in 1995, which was later acquired by the Oracle Corporation.

What is Python? A high-level object oriented programming language. It is preferred for rapid application development. It is one of the fastest programming languages, as it requires only two lines of code.

What are the benefits of using Java?

What are the benefits of using Python?

  • Brief documentation is available
  • Highly skilled and major number of developers available
  • Allow users to create standard programs and reusable code
  • It allows users to perform multiple tasks at the same time in a program
  • Easy to navigate
  • Clean syntax as compared to Java, C++, HTML, etc.
  • Very useful in data analysis
  • It is easy to maintain, as its code is easy to write
  • Comes with a prebuilt library, which makes user development easy
  • Offers database interface to all commercial DBMS systems


What are the disadvantages of Java?

What are the disadvantages of Python?

  • The JIT compiler makes the program slow
  •  It has high memory and processing requirements, which increases hardware cost
  •  It does not provide support for low-level programs
  • No control over garbage collection
  • Used in less platforms compared to Java
  • Python is weak in mobile computing and therefore, no use in app development
  • It is dynamic, more errors show up at run time
  • Absence of commercial support


But now the question is which is better – Java or Python?

It really depends on the user’s purpose, what type of app development they are looking for. Those who want to develop an application in less time and not involve mobile computing can use Python. Whereas, those who want to develop applications where multiple users could perform tasks should prefer Java. 

Python is for the beginners due to its simplicity, easy syntax, and inbuilt library for code. On the other hand, Java is much more complicated due to its specific goal of allowing developers to write once and run anywhere.

At last, everything comes down to the cost and nature of development. The decision depends on the budget, purpose and scale & scope of development. 

We @Cloudploys provide you accurate information that helps you in determining your final choice. However, it is difficult to learn programming overnight but it is crucial to know where to start and what results to get. Stay tuned with us to learn about tech and grow your business digitally!

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