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Global E-Commerce Logistics Market

The increasing e-commerce activities, boosts the e-commerce sector. Growth of e-commerce startups are expected to drive the e-commerce logistics market over the years. The global e-commerce logistics market provides an entire evaluation of the market. The report offers comprehensive analysis of factors that are leading a crucial role in the market.

What is the global e-commerce logistics market?

Ø  Logistics is the management of the process of obtaining, storing and shipping resources to their destinations.

Ø  E-commerce logistics is the implementation of digital technology in the field of logistics.

Ø  Market is classified into two parts – Domestic and International, referring to the management within and outside the geographical border, respectively.

E-commerce logistics market on the basis of operational area:

Ø  Domestic

Ø  International

Based on the operational area, the domestic area is expected to hold the highest market share. The factors can be attributed to the adapting trend of online shopping and home delivery.

E-commerce logistics market on the basis of service type:

Ø  Transportation

Ø  Warehousing

Based on service type, the market is bifurcated into transportation and warehousing. Warehousing services are defined as the products that are on hold and stored at a secure place. It is expected to hold a significant CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). However, compared to warehousing, transportation is expected to hold more CAGR. Due to the growing usage of different modes of transport.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of the global e-commerce logistics market?

Benefits are:

Ø  Ease of implementation of e-commerce logistics service

Ø  Increase in reliability

Ø  Real-time insight track

Ø  Enhancement of customer satisfaction

Drawbacks are:

Ø  Lack of awareness of the system

Ø  Concerns over security

Ø  Technological errors in tracking the shipment

Based on the 2016-2020 study period, it is believed that the e-commerce logistics market is likely to be valued at around $3 Trillion at approximately 20% CAGR in 2027. We @Cloudploys provide verified and surveyed information with the best interest of our clients. Stay with us for more interesting and knowledgeable information.

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