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Is your business COVID proof? Can it survive recurring lockdowns?

Take your business ONLINE before the lockdowns take them OFFLINE!!! @CloudPloys

Melbournians were truly taken aback with the fourth lockdown with coffee & food culture being the charm of the place this recent lockdown announced on 11th February, 2021 affected the cafes & restaurants quite impactfully especially with Valentines weekend being round the corner…who knew that on Valentine’s day I would be writing a blog instead of going out for a sunny date out?

The adversity of these state restrictions sinks quite deeply into the education industry, hospitality and recreation sectors but this is something not even the Victorian Government can knowingly help but you surely can…by doing your business a favour and transitioning ONLINE as much as possible. It is understandable that there are few aspects of the business which cannot be virtual but it is better to have a cloud shield for those operations where possible.

Regardless of the fact that we are heading to something called a “New Normal” era but the uncertainty around the world with respect to such viruses can never give a surety of a definite normal. There are still some businesses for whom digital transition will be a challenge as they would not be able to speculate that which operations can actually be done online and this is where @CloudPloys come in. We listen, analyse and present you with strategic and COVID proof business solutions. We do the thinking for you, you just have to reach out!

Take example of this lockdown we know it is going to last for 5 days but are we confident that it won’t get extended ?? In a situation where the government is not certain what is coming ahead how can we as individuals have our own speculations?

Therefore, it is utterly vital that we proof our business and be ready for anything that comes at us. As a responsible business it is your liability to take the first step and as an expert it is our responsibility to give you a viable solution.

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