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Software Developer VS Software Engineer

Many times people get confused between Software Engineer and Software Developer, maybe because of similar occupation names. However, they are different, their work is different, and their professionalism is different. The difference is like between Security Guard and Bodyguard, both are called security but their work is different. Let us understand the difference between them:

·        Who is a Software Engineer?

A person who applies the philosophy of software engineering to develop, maintain, design, test, and evaluate computer software is known as a Software Engineer.

·        Who is a Software Developer?

A person who builds software with writing code from scratch, which runs across various types of computer is known as a Software Developer. The application could be Desktop app, Mobile app, and Web app.

·        What are the few challenges faced by a Software Engineer and Software Developer?

Software Engineer:

Ø  More increasing demand in the market.

Ø  Dealing with complexity of software always demands new applications.

Ø  Assortment of software systems should be communication with each other.

Software Developer:

Ø  Misinterpreted user requirements.

Ø  Not able to deal with changing requirements.

Ø  Low quality of software.

·  Differentiating Developers and Engineers:

Engineers are team-oriented building tools for software which later are built as applications, whereas Developers are the ones writing the entire program codes on their own. Developers use software tools made by engineers.

·   The world depends on Software’s in today’s era. Both, Software Engineer and Software Developer are important in their particular field. If one cannot build tools to create software, then others cannot write codes to develop applications. We @Cloudploys build applications as per your needs and desires. We @Cloudploys provide best applications built by talented, skilled, and experienced developers. We @Cloudploys are motivated by the desire to achieve. Stay tuned for more information.

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