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Speckle – 3D open source platform

Speckle – 3D open source platform 

What is Speckle?

Speckle is an open source data platform for the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry to share the ideas and designs of a project into 3D data with others.

What is the AEC industry?

A – Architecture designs the infrastructure

E- Engineering includes civil engineers who oversee construction and maintenance

C – Construction plays a role of coordinating skilled workers and contractors

What is the story behind Speckle?

Speckle is an early-stage start-up based in London. There are two founders, both are Architects and Engineers. It enables them to understand and identify the issue regarding exchange of 3D files from vendors in the AEC industry. They wanted to make it easier by developing an open source platform where they can exchange and collaborate these files.

As engineers, Dimitri Stefanescu and Matteo Cominetti had the skill to start finding the problems and solutions in the AEC industry. They decided to sort out long-standing problems in the AEC industry around sharing proprietary files involving designs and building projects. Speckle provides a process through which it is easier for companies to share information in 3D formats. 

How does Speckle work?

Supposedly, user 1 created a design on Speckle platform. Each user’s various streams are stored by the Speckle online platform, which also refreshes the streams automatically in real time when users make modifications. Therefore, user 2, 3, 4, 5…., etc., can see the design created by user 1, and if the changes are made, it will be uploaded to the server and other users will know what was updated. Using Speckle, Architects, Engineers or Constructors do not have to create the same and same designs repeatedly. If someone has created the designs before, it would have been stored in the server.

Speckle is one of the best online sharing open source platforms. It helps save time for Architects to design the same pattern again. Speckle is also a developer platform on which you can harvest 3D data and use it for productive things like building applications that makes it easier to work with. 

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