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World of Digital Piracy

What is Piracy?

It’s a sort of copying or unauthorized use of somebody else’s work and/or intellectual property. Like streaming Movies, TV shows, etc from an unauthorized source without paying for it.

What is Digital Piracy?

“Digital Piracy” is the same as “Piracy” but on a digital platform.

The internet is a vast space and is used extensively each day. Things, which are expensive, can be found at an all-time low on the internet, thanks to piracy! For example, a game which is on sale for $60 can be found for free. There is another concept similar to piracy called “Counterfeit”. Counterfeit is about creating something that already exists with a minuscule change. Moreover, Piracy is all about breaking code to download the content and upload it somewhere for free.

Is Piracy good or bad?

Some say good and a few say bad! Good, because the value of a few products is so high that it is practically impossible for socio-economic class or bourgeoisie families to relish it. For example, socio-economic class families cannot afford to watch new movies in theaters everytime, as it can be expensive. However, if someone with the right knowledge in the family can download that very same movie from the internet for free, then bingo! But at the same time it is bad, because it is illegal to use, “Piracy” is practically a crime.

What are the threats of Digital Piracy?

Age-inappropriate Content: One amongst all the foremost lethal threats of digital piracy is age-inappropriate content. Since teenagers also have access to pirated content which can consist of materials like – pornography, weapons, drugs, violent and other such content. Such inappropriate content, might cause an adolescent to lose his/her focus from education and might head on to the road of criminal activities.

Virus: Most of the Pirated files might contain viruses, there is a possibility that the downloaded file contain viruses, which can weaken the PC system. It recreates its own file until it spreads into your whole system.

Data theft: Virus and malware are not the only concerns involving piracy. Many files also contain codes which can enter your system once you download it. That code changes your security code and might repay door access to the hacker. While some just steal your information, some will access illegal websites and cause you to be the suspect for it.

Technology has advanced so much that from one click you can download anything you like, enter into someone else’s system, frame others for your criminal activities and much more. 

So one must take alert precautions to stop it! But how?

Ø Only access reasonable digital content

Ø Educate and advocate against piracy

Ø Take strict anti-piracy measure

We here @Cloudploys provide you information, which could clear your views on the matter. Now it depends on you whether you would like to access pirated content or stay safe & away from it.

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