Cafe App & Management System


Our client was a small Melbourne based cafe owner running 3 cafes at dispersed locations around Melbourne suburbs in a traditional non-digitised manner. Over time it was getting hard for the client to manage customer orders, inventory, accounts and other operations in a manual format. 

Travelling across different cafes and maintaining smooth operations at each was becoming very challenging. The client wanted a digitalised solution to manage his business. Furthermore, during the pandemic the client realised the importance of having a substantial digital presence more than ever before. 

He was looking for someone located locally whom he could easily approach to seek a resolution for his business and he found us!

After learning about the clients daily issues of paper-based methods of running the business we brainstormed the situation and presented the client with efficient solution whilst keeping in mind the client’s budget, such as:

  • Android App for Digital Menu & Order Processing via Tablet
  • Automated Invoice Printing 
  • Digital Inventory Management & Alerts 
  • Accounts & Financial Management Integration 

We developed a customised backend management portal with several other integrations apart from the ones listed above where the overall business data was collected. Along with a custom designed Android App for the front end interface of the tablet to process orders by the staff which was connected by the printer for automatic invoice generation.