Project name: Dineiro 

Location: Australia

Timeline: 8 months 

Contract: Fixed term 

System Architecture: Php Laravel
Frontend: Mobile Application - Andriod & iOS (Native)

Third party API - yodlee 

UI/UX - Designed by client and developed by us 


The client wanted to create an automated “Financial Disclosure” application to enable its customers to get deep insights to maximize their wealth lifetime value in minutes.

The key features about the project

  • Users get access to full view of all financial data including bank accounts, credit cards, vehicles, property, insurance and super.
  • Convenience of automatic notifications on the equity growth and upcoming mortgage renewals of customer properties.
  • Easy access to the information of the value of each customer by maximizing their long-term financial wellbeing.
  • Complete security facilitated by end-to-end encryption, read-only access and geo-locked data centers for privacy and safety of sensitive information.