Gym Member Management Software & Website


Our fit & bodybuilder entrepreneur is someone who was extremely passionate about his gym and his gym members. He was looking for a system to install within his gym wherein his members could sign-in & out upon their visit to the gym. 

After reviewing his requirements we came up with an easy & cost-efficient solution of a Gym Member Management system. The software infrastructure was as simple as: 

  1. Admin Login - a single admin login to add members. 
  2. Member Login- where members could be easily added/edited by admin incorporating of the following functionalities:
    • View members list 
    • Add member - Name, DOB, Mobile No, Emergency Contact No. & Name, Email, Address, Member Since, Notes, Visits Count
  3. Attendance - mark member attendance with a quick search option and press attendance upon members visit to the gym. 
    • Search member 
    • Select member 
    • Press attend - Success message
  4. Other cool features:
    • Report - Members attendance data - how many visits DOB filter 
    • Automated emails upon completing - 25, 100, 500, 2000 visits

The Client also wanted a concise website with a “Landing Page” consisting of the following specifications:

    • Company logo & information 
    • Gym images 
    • Social media links 
    • Get a free pass “Submit Button” - Name & Number
    • Company Contact Details -  Email & Number