HR Management Software


Our client’s business was to manage the HR operations, contracts, terms, etc. within Australia for other Australian companies and due to a large pool of clientele it was getting hard for him to manage separate contracts for each company. Therefore, he was looking for an overall HR management system to operate on a cloud platform which was secure, had tailored features that he required and at the same time user-friendly. 

Therefore, after understanding his requirements we created a proposal for a wholesome HR Management system for him. There were three main user modules within the software: 

    1.  Super Admin- a user who could create a company and manage HR contracts at a company level.  
    2.  Company Admin - a user who could create staff and add documents related to a specific company. 
    3.  Staff Admin - a user who could only view information related specifically to their role. 

These were the main hierarchical segregation that our client described to us, based on which we designed the software and improvised by adding tailored integrations to provide accessible software to our client and his clients.

To match our clients strict timeline our developers worked day & night and this software was developed, tested, reviewed and approved just within 7 business days!