Literacy Planet

Project name: Literacy Planet

Location: Worldwide 

Timeline: Ongoing 

Contract: Ongoing 

System Architecture: Wordpress

New feature Implementation & Improvisation 


The client wanted to develop a research- and evidence-based literacy programme that combines the psychology of game play, the science of reading, and outstanding storytelling to produce an engaging learning environment for both teachers and students.The vision was to create a world of wonder and engaging storytelling wherein a smooth and easy user journey was the key since the target audience were children.


The key features about the project:

  • An interactive platform for kids to learn with play method
  • Enabling parents to select the content variety as every child is unique
  • Exciting reward and certifications to boost the kids morale
  • Providing real time reports for parents to keep a track on their kids performance 
  • Teachers control along with auto revisions for them to keep a progress track for each an every student