Mining Sales

Project name: Mining Sales

Location: Newcastle, Australia 

Timeline: Ongoing Development & Maintenance

System Architecture: Laravel, PHP, MySQL


Our client had a mining industry background. The client wanted a marketplace where suppliers and mining companies can post the mining equipment or could lease or buy the product from the platform. Currently the mining industry in Australia does not have a nationwide marketplace where suppliers and purchasers can connect.  

After reviewing the requirements and understanding the vision in detail, we designed and developed a web-app to enable the client to develop an online marketplace with the below key features:

  • Purchaser (Mining companies) can put out a tender using 1 simple form and/or can also browse the current available equipments on market to either lease or buy
  • Suppliers across Australia and put in a cost proposal for any tender and purchaser can easily browse through the portal.
  • Purchasers can securely chat with the suppliers without exchanging number or email to protect the client's commission. 
  • Dashboards are built to provide summary 
  • Client can manage the entire marketplace using the admin portal.