Company:  M-Time

Location: Melbourne, Australia 

Timeline: Ongoing

Contract: Ongoing Contract

System Architecture: F#, C#, .NET, Xero, Azure, Hubspot, Web Flow.

Our client had a vision to provide a support network for busy parents by matching them with Moncierges. Moncierges can help with anything from cooking, housekeeping, and babysitting to household errands all from one dedicated, reliable career personally matched to your family. Mtime uses .NET and Azure framework along with Python and Angular language.

After reviewing the requirements, we came up with a platform, which is currently diversified across different modules such as: 

  • Form management where the customer fills out their specifications and needs for the service they are requesting. Based on this elaborated and unique demands of the customers the Customer Support Officer matches the correct service provider and all of this is done on a real time basis.
  • Google (G Suite integration) to support the database management of the customers and the service providers.  
  • Slack (chat integration) to support the conversations between the different stakeholders like customers, service providers, internal stakeholders and other external stakeholders. 
  • Telstra (Text message API) used to support the messaging between the different stakeholders for real time updates like confirmation of requested service, acceptance of service, estimated time of arrival, etc. 
  • Azure Logic Apps - Using F# C# (.Net) the core logic of the website was developed on the back-end to operationalize the different functionalities of the website for smooth & comprehensive functioning. 

Along with a few other small integrations to assist the business in running smoothly.