Vision Lapse

Project name: Vision Lapse 

Location: Sydney, Australia

Timeline: 3 months

Contract: Fixed term

System Architecture:  


The webapp depicted a time-lapse technology for deploying and monitoring assets across various sites to facilitate real time quality and control. 

The key features about the project:

  • The web platform facilitates time-lapse capture, production filming and aerial drone photography & videography. 
  • This technology enables monitoring of long term industrial as well as retail projects. 
  • The remote live feed also works as a project management tool and is customisable as per the customers company logo and other account details. 
  • The data has been protected by SSL security and the transfer of data is navigated via dedicated company servers to ensure complete privacy and authorized accessibility.  
  • The webapp has the following additional key functionalities: 
    • An integrated third party mobile friendly markup tool in two locations 
    • Functions such as image zooming and moving around
    • Image comparison tool
    • Camera allocation to multiple users 
    • Customized user’s login page as per the customers logos, color theme, etc.