Permanent Work From Home – New HR Contract Model

The most trending HR employee contract model now includes “Work from ANYWHERE” apart from the usual “Permanent |  Full-Time | Causal | Part-Time | etc.” This model essentially allows employees to choose whether they want to be full time at the Office | Home | Office and Home.

Spotify is the latest tech company which has recently adapted this model. The company will adhere to implementing extreme flexibility even around locations, giving employees the freedom to even choose the country and city where they would like to work from. The company has decided to provide co-working space memberships for its employees who choose to work remotely and at the same time desire for a dedicated workspace. Hence, giving them the best of both worlds!!!

We are seeing more and more big-scale companies adopting the remote work model as a more permanent and concrete option due to adversities caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This framework will give more assurance to companies in leading a more persistent growth. 

With this dynamic shift in workplace concept, companies are at the forefront of reassessing their office spaces across the globe for increased perseverance, flexibility and prosperity to ensure that all of their operations, regardless of the situation, goes on unobstructedly, comfortably and efficiently. The main objective of this new employee roadmapping approach is to ensure that employees in the uncertain long-run have a permanent & backup place where they can perform with focus, collaborate without obstruction, innovate and recreate and the possibility of this should prevail whether at an office/home desk, in a conference room, a cafe or a co-working space.

Spotify is not the only tech company, there are other significant companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, Twitter, Square, etc. who have considered and implemented this dynamic employee contractual setting. Salesforce recently announced to let its employees choose whether they would consider coming into the office again? While Simultaneously emphasizing that the 9-to-5 workday routine is dead. Square and Twitter are letting employees work from home #wfh FOR GOOD! And lastly Microsoft also offered its workers high flexibility to work from home.



As evidently seen that we have a rising number of companies who are proactively considering remote work as a more permanent option due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I think it is time that all companies should prepare for the same and evolve with the changing time. The world is not the same anymore. In this world only the digitally adept will survive. @CloudPloys we help companies in upscaling and proofing their business against such adversities, so please reach out for a consultation and a relaxed discussion! 

Building technology for success in digital era

Is your business COVID proof? Can it survive recurring lockdowns?

Take your business ONLINE before the lockdowns take them OFFLINE!!! @CloudPloys

Melbournians were truly taken aback with the fourth lockdown with coffee & food culture being the charm of the place this recent lockdown announced on 11th February, 2021 affected the cafes & restaurants quite impactfully especially with Valentines weekend being round the corner…who knew that on Valentine’s day I would be writing a blog instead of going out for a sunny date out?

The adversity of these state restrictions sinks quite deeply into the education industry, hospitality and recreation sectors but this is something not even the Victorian Government can knowingly help but you surely can…by doing your business a favour and transitioning ONLINE as much as possible. It is understandable that there are few aspects of the business which cannot be virtual but it is better to have a cloud shield for those operations where possible.

Regardless of the fact that we are heading to something called a “New Normal” era but the uncertainty around the world with respect to such viruses can never give a surety of a definite normal. There are still some businesses for whom digital transition will be a challenge as they would not be able to speculate that which operations can actually be done online and this is where @CloudPloys come in. We listen, analyse and present you with strategic and COVID proof business solutions. We do the thinking for you, you just have to reach out!

Take example of this lockdown we know it is going to last for 5 days but are we confident that it won’t get extended ?? In a situation where the government is not certain what is coming ahead how can we as individuals have our own speculations?

Therefore, it is utterly vital that we proof our business and be ready for anything that comes at us. As a responsible business it is your liability to take the first step and as an expert it is our responsibility to give you a viable solution.